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Our team practices integrity by always being honest and showing consistent moral principles and values.
a) We are honest and realistic with our clients when it comes to their expectations
b) While discussing with our clients, sincerity is our top priority. You can count on our word.


The condition of being accountable and responsible…
a) We take accountability for any errors we make and address them right away.
b) We hold ourselves responsible for following our own company values and providing the highest quality service possible.


Knowledge is an asset, Thorncliffe Immigration relies on skills, capabilities, and expert insight when it comes to making decisions to provide the best experience
a) We stay up to date with all new programs and policies.


Using our imagination, we create original ideas when it comes to problem solving.
a) We find creative strategies to complicated immigration problems.
b) We rely on our experience in guiding our creative problem solving.


We treat our clients with respect. We take the time to get to know each client and respect their values and personal priorities. We treat each client with the utmost care and respect.